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Graphic design : Gérald NIMAL

One word, one will : hybridisation ! 
This is the assumed motto of the FREE HUMAN ZOO in its new album writing a new chapter of its story.
After “Aïki Dõ RéMy“ in 2014, the band offers a new invigorating opus, introspective, unexpected, impressionist and vividly energetic. 

“FREEDOM, NOW !“, is the will for a mixing of the styles, an overtaking of the codes, a sublimation of its inspirations. Here they meet, they match, they mix ! One goal : emancipation ! 

“FREEDOM, NOW !“, calls for the reconciliation of Men and Earth. It is as desperate as a scream in the desert of hungry hearts, as pressing as the hope for restored balance. It is the union of instinct and intellect, the rise of an Animan or Humanimal, free and aware, protecting a delicate universe which never ceases to amaze and to fire up listeners.

A liberating and multicoloured instrumental adventure … A trip you must throw yourself into at once …

BOROKONI finds its inspiration in the eponymous composition by the djembefola-master from Guinea, Famoudou KONATE. It takes us back to the deep roots of the Malinke culture. The piece first evokes a night sensation, a waking dream during which occurs a “visitation“ by a light-entity, a Presence. First it seems frightening but finally appears as supportive, inviting the Body and the Mind to an Ecstatic Dance. Through surpassing oneself, feeling the sensible, intuitive freeing, the piece ends as a light and Rising Waltz.

AMOUR MOTEUR, MATRICE (Love as a driving force, Love as a Matrix) tells the story of the magnetic love, when the heart and the mind melt into each other after a Smile, when fizzy eyes embrace, when hands look for one another. And beyond Break-ups and Breaks of the soul and body… feeling of Fullness always come back …

ASPETTANDO LA PRIMAVERA (Waiting for Spring) is a friendly blink to Aldo ROMANO’s work. Aldo is a drummer, a singer and a great composer : a soft and sweet melody supported by a circadian rhythm. 
It’s the story of a Timeless Clock, which balances thanks to the poetic minds ready for altruism and empathy. It is suddenly damaged by the knocks of a crazy period, dried hearts and maladjusted feelings, wishing for a permanent Winter.
But deep inside the clock keeps its own rhythm and works for a sunny future, a returning Spring : the promise of life. Follow your heart …

MANIACUS is nothing but an angry outburst !  Angry are all those who are fed up with seeing Children being bullied everywhere and all the time by “thinking“ (really ?!) heads full of hate, fight, nihilism and wishing to pull everyone into the depth of past or new totalitarianism …
Wicked and plain exactions that are too rarely punished and are purposely mining the bases of a precious “living and building together harmony“. 
Through an even more powerful common resilience and a brightful resisting spirit, the Strength of Life will be stronger, dragging Children from a dark path towards a clear and light dance full of Laughters